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The New Standard for Sales & Support Calls

See how 160 hours of calling by a human is done in 1 hour by

Artificial Intelligence

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To build a solution, the first step is to
find the problem. Here's how it works...

60% of buyers don't know your business, product or service exists

20% of your prospects don't think you're a priority

17% are in discovery mode looking at you, and competition

Only 3% of buyers are actually ready to buy now

Prospect Buying Funnel

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The Excellence 

Most sales people spend the majority of their time in the top 80% of this funnel chasing their tail. Here's how we've solved this - now your business can start hunting for buyers, instead of hard selling. 

Phase 1: We have a very passive Ai Awareness Agent call thousands of your prospects per day, introducing them to your product / service, and getting them to opt-in to receive more information that they can review when it's convenient for them

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Nurture Campaign

Our Excellence Workflow and Automation eliminates the back and forth that takes up the majority of a sales person's time. By supplementing them with Ai & Automation, they're freed up to do more money generating activities. 

Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily manage your AI system and track its performance.

ChatGPT Analysis & Reporting

It would be impossible to listen to, or read 2,000+ call transcripts or recordings per day. Let ChatGPT do it for you!

Get a high level executive report at the end of every:






With a brief on where you Ai Agent did well, where it struggled, suggestions for improvement, and other impactful call data to help you make the best strategic sales decisions. 

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CompanyAI Subscription Plans

Pro Package

Monthly Subscription

Services Included

$1,000 / Month - First Agent

$500 / M - Each Additional Agent

Scheduling Integration with

Live call transfers

$0.11/min outbound calls

$0.32/min inbound calls

*No Terms - Cancel Anytime

Excellence Package

Monthly Subscription

Services Included

$2,300 / Month

Awareness Agent

Follow-Up Agent

Scheduling & Live Transfers

CRM Set-Up & Custom Funnel

ChatGPT Analysis

EOD High Level Executive Reports

$50 suggested daily budget


Cancel anytime after 3 months

Platinum Package

Monthly Subscription

Services Included

5 Agents - $3,500 Set-up (month 1)

$1,500 / Month - 5 Agents

$300 / M - Each Additional Agent

Scheduling & Live Transfers

$10/m Per Automation Module

$0.11/min outbound calls

$0.32/min inbound calls

*No Terms - Cancel Anytime

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