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The Ultimate Door 2 Door
Tool You Are Early To 

In the bustling world of door-to-door sales, where every knock is an opportunity and every interaction counts, the line between success and missed chances is razor-thin. Imagine if you could seize every opportunity, transform every maybe into a yes, and never let another lead slip through the cracks.


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Harnessing Your Data:
The Untapped Goldmine

Every day, your sales reps are out there, generating thousands of interactions with potential customers. Each knock, conversation, and note taken is a piece of a larger puzzle. Yet, so much of this potential remains untapped. Our AI digs into this goldmine, transforming every interaction into a stepping stone towards your next sale.

AI-Powered Follow-Ups:
Automated, Yet Personal

Imagine a world where no lead is ever forgotten, where every "maybe later" is a future "yes," and every busy homeowner gets a second chance to hear your offer. Our AI system doesn’t just call back; it engages in meaningful, personalized follow-ups. By organizing your leads by area and prioritizing them based on engagement levels, from high priority to those who’ve set appointments, we ensure no opportunity is missed.

The Thought Behind How This Works 💭

Advanced Sales 

What sets our AI apart is that it has been trained on 21st-century sales techniques. Using the art of human psychology and persuasion, while actively learning from every call. Our AI has been trained on an unlimited knowledge base from the efforts of sales trainers such as; Jeremy Miner, Andy Elliot, Chris Voss, Michael O'Donnell and many, many more.

Customizable Templates

Our conversational AI platfrom offers customizable templates for our clients to not only work with our team to build the agents, but enabling you to create engaging and effective scripts that resonate with your target audience. With CompanyAI, you can save time and resources by working with a team that has already done the leg work, while still having the freedom to DIY.

Performance-Driven Partnership

Opt for our Commission-Based Model to add our AI as a powerhouse member of your sales team, at no upfront cost. We onboard as an appointment setter, diving into your database to engage high-priority leads and set appointments. Our compensation is tied directly to our success in securing deals for you, ensuring our goals align with yours. The only additional cost is a minimal $0.11 per minute for the service use, making this model both cost-effective and risk-free.

  • Zero Upfront Cost: Start without an initial investment; we earn our keep by closing deals.

  • Aligned Incentives: Our payment is linked to performance, motivating us to maximize your sales potential.

Upfront Model

Choose your monthly plan and our team will handle the rest, from seamless integration to ongoing support. This plan is designed for teams looking to maximize profits with a lower overall cost compared to commission models.​

  • Initial Cost: An investment in your future sales success, setting the stage for greater efficiency.

  • Pocket Much More Profit from Sales: Without paying us as a "sales rep", the profits from these sales flow directly to you.

Our Two Implementation Strategies 
For You: 

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