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Introducing the world's first ever AI that can have full on 10-40 minute long phone calls that sound like a REAL human, with infinite memory, perfect recall, and can autonomously take actions across 5,000 plus applications. It can do the entire job of a full time agent without having to be trained, managed or motivated. It just works 24/7/365.

For The First Time In History...

❌  Time Management Constraints: Regular clock-ins and outs, impacting continuous availability.

❌  Need for Breaks: Inevitable vacations and sick leaves, causing occasional unavailability.

❌  Extended Onboarding Period: Approximately 3.2 months required to fully train and achieve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).       

❌  Risk of Burnout: Potential for decreased motivation and performance inconsistency.

❌  Training and Management Necessity: Requires ongoing training and a dedicated management team.

❌  Human Resource Liabilities: Obligations for HR management, benefits, and payroll taxes.

❌  Incremental Cost Increase: Yearly salary raises contribute to growing expenses.

❌  Employee Turnover Challenges: Dealing with churn and retention, noting an average tenure of 1.5 years for sales reps.

❌  High Compensation Costs: Over $100,000 annually to employ a top-tier sales representative.

✅  Continuous Availability: Operates 24/7 without the need for breaks or time off.

✅  Scalability at Ease: Ability to deploy up to 100,000 sales representatives instantly with just a click.

✅  Immediate Operational Efficiency: No ramp-up time required, delivering above-average performance from the start.     

✅  Consistent Energy and Performance: Free from burnout, always exudes positivity, ensuring steady and reliable performance.

✅  Autonomous Learning and Independence: Self-updating and learning, eliminating the need for management oversight.

✅  Absence of HR Liabilities: No requirements for benefits or payroll taxes.

✅  Cost-Effective Solution: Decreases in expense annually while improving in capability daily.

✅  Elimination of Turnover Issues: No churn, removing the focus on employee retention.

✅  No Replacement Costs: Eliminates expenses associated with turnover, ensuring a stable workforce.

Human vs Conversational AI 

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