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​The perfect tool for 1099 independent sales contractors in solar sales, real estate, life insurance, roofing, etc.

  • Custom AI Agent Build-Out: Tailoring an AI model specific to your company/business.

  • Pre-built scripts for booking appointments: Proven scripts to enhance customer interaction and appointment setting.

  • Expert AI development: The agent is crafted by professionals with deep expertise in AI.

$997 setup fee +



For those looking to take their business to the next level. Offer the best service by automating your processes.

  • Everything included in the Conversational AI package

  • Automate Text, Appointment Scheduling, Email, Voicemail, etc for your leads

  • Entire CRM built out to keep track of where all your prospects are in the sales process.

$2,997 setup fee +



Tailored for larger companies. Requiring more backend attention. Addressing the needs of businesses like: 

  • Restaurants

  • Property Managment 

  • Call Centers

  • Receptionist 

  • Healthcare Systems and Hospitals

  • Energy and Utility Companies

  • Government Agencies

  •  Any business with a phone!

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Explore Our Services: Watch the Video Below to Discover the Ideal Solution for Your Business Needs.

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