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Cold Traces:

Volume & Versatility

  • Thousands of Contacts, for Only a Few Pennies: At .03¢ per lead, Access an extensive database of cold leads without breaking the bank. Our cost-effective solution maximizes your reach while minimizing your investment.

  • Expand Your Reach: Ideal for high-volume outreach campaigns, our cold traces offer you the chance to connect with a diverse and broad audience.

  • Tailor Your Territory: Simply highlight on a map the area you're interested in, and we'll deliver the data. Whether it's a neighborhood, a city, or a larger region, you define your target area, and we provide the leads.

  • Ideal for Door-Knockers and Cold Callers: Perfect for professionals in solar, roofing, wholesale real estate, windows, and more. Replace traditional door-knocking and cold calling with a more efficient, targeted approach.

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